Online Shopping Savings

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May 262016

Lots of folks are starting to figure out it is much easier, less time consuming and hassle-free to shop online! Think about it for a second? Why bother getting in your car, driving through traffic and dealing with all the lights, while en route to your favorite mall or shopping center. Then once arriving, depending on where you live, you have to drive around to look for a parking space.

Then you have to walk in and find a store that has the item(s) you are looking for. Locate them, try it on if it is clothing etc. If this sounds like a pain in the rear then you are starting to see what others such as millenniums etc have figured out! Shopping online is so much easier and pretty much pain free. Sit at your computer, search via your favorite browser such as Google, Yahoo etc and find what you are looking for. Place and order via the site shopping cart and you will receive it in a couple of days.

Believe it or not, people are even shopping for groceries and other perishables! And some of the real savvy shoppers are utilizing coupons and other platforms to get cash back or bonus points which in turn equal out to cash back at the end of the year.  You would be surprised to learn some of the amounts people are saving via shopping online.

If you watch the video provided below you will get some great tips on how to save big bucks. There are also sites like Brad’s Deals and other sites you can sign up to so you receive daily deals or promotions to get some great deals! Couple that with the tips provided by the coupon lady below and you can see some serious savings!

As always, we really appreciate you visiting our website and hope that you will share this article with friends, family and others you think will find value in it! No go ahead and put these tips into practice and start saving a bunch of money.



Getting the Best Shopping Deals

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Nov 122014

Whether you enjoy shopping or not, this article will have you save money and give you some great shopping tips to help you save money. Especially towards some months that people generally spend the most amount of money.  


 Second Half of the Year – July through December 

You can obtain good shopping deals every month of the year. However, certain months are more auspicious for getting good shopping deals of specific items or products.


Once June has passed, you’ll find that ads will promote the sale of indoor and outdoor furniture. Furniture that is left after previous months’ sales usually are deeply discounted at this time of year.


Once August pays a visit, you’ll find a lot of air conditioning units and dehumidifers on sale. It’s also a good month to buy sale items in outdoor furniture, snow blowers, and backpacks.


As  the end of summer approaches, stores want to get rid of their summer stock and prepare their backrooms for winter inventory. That means you can also save big on such items as digital cameras, bicycles, gas grills, small electronics, and lawn mowers. Buy shrubs, perennials, and trees at your local nursery at sizable discounts too.


During October, you’ll be able to find good deals on many of the items that were on sale in September. However, the items will carry even lower sale prices than they did previously.


In November, find discounts on such items as baby products, bicycles, gas grills, GPS navigators, and TVs.



While everyone shops in December, you can find especially good deals on all kinds of electronics, home appliances, GPS devices, gas grills, camcorders and bikes.

So, if you want to strike up some good deals, keep your eyes peeled for sale prices for the above-mentioned products. Some times are just better times to shop for certain items and furnishings.

Typically the really big time savings and sales take place the day after Thanksgiving in an event to spur shopping for the Christmas holiday.

It is called Black Friday due to the fact that back in the old days it would be the day retailers break even and the month where they actually come out of the red and into the black.

Unbelievable Jewelry

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Nov 092014

Check out the video(s) below as we think you will find them quite interesting. They discuss magnificent jewels from the Middle East & India during the 17th Century. Some of the items were actually owned and worn by princesses and other like elites.

Check out the video and all the jewels below. The narrator actually provides some other historic information I found interesting too, maybe you will enjoy it also. If you are anything like us here a then you in all likely hood enjoy history too! 


Awesome Fashion Video For You To Check Out

In this video there are some really good fashion tips that can help you make your wardrobe look a little more hip and stylish!  In addition, if you look you will see some of the fine bling the gals walking down the runway are strutting. Some of the jewels on the necklaces are really sparkling and quite breathtaking. It is wonderful to have high quality jewelry as it really catches the eye and becomes the main focus of people when you are communicating with them or even when you have brief encounters in public (As you walk by someone in malls etc).

Anyway, enjoy the videos and the other fashion and jewelry post we will be adding soon!

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