Nov 092014

Check out the video(s) below as we think you will find them quite interesting. They discuss magnificent jewels from the Middle East & India during the 17th Century. Some of the items were actually owned and worn by princesses and other like elites.

Check out the video and all the jewels below. The narrator actually provides some other historic information I found interesting too, maybe you will enjoy it also. If you are anything like us here a then you in all likely hood enjoy history too! 


Awesome Fashion Video For You To Check Out

In this video there are some really good fashion tips that can help you make your wardrobe look a little more hip and stylish!  In addition, if you look you will see some of the fine bling the gals walking down the runway are strutting. Some of the jewels on the necklaces are really sparkling and quite breathtaking. It is wonderful to have high quality jewelry as it really catches the eye and becomes the main focus of people when you are communicating with them or even when you have brief encounters in public (As you walk by someone in malls etc).

Anyway, enjoy the videos and the other fashion and jewelry post we will be adding soon!

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